Our Approach

We call our planning process “The Portage Program.” It recognizes the importance of knowing where you want to go, the most likely route to get there and the tools you need along the way. It also recognizes that life, like the river, offers up unexpected challenges and requires adjustments from time-to-time.

The best decisions are made within a framework with a full understanding of the bigger picture within which each decision rests. This is certainly true of financial decisions.

Clients with a plan tend to worry less, and they know sooner when they are moving off course. Because we have spent time thinking about where we want to go and what we want to accomplish it is easier to adjust the course when needed. 

Life is not static. Our lives have stages, circumstances change, and opportunities present themselves. So we review the plan at regular intervals, revisit the goals and adjust it as needed.

Our goal is your peace of mind and confidence.


See the Portage Program.